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about me ..

  My work usually originates from a personal image. The outcome is a digital print, a traditional etching, a monotype, or a painting. Sometimes it is a combination.

I have used figures of children in frozen action, jumping fearlessly, totally involved in the moment. Only the observer is aware of the possible danger.The memory alters as the narrative moves on.

In the swimming and flying  prints and paintings the figure, based on myself, is isolated in an unfamiliar element. Water could be read as a metaphor for life.

I am interested in the theme of ageing and the way older women are percieved and often made to feel invisable. I have series of paintings based on the myth of the Fountain of Youth. Recent work deals in a seemingly humorous way with the subject of death. I have images of older people based on my contemporaries in situations of near catastrophe. I am trying to record the ephemerality of life which becomes very clear as one gets older .It is a message to celebrate the now.